Can I Come Too?

Publisher: Rocket Bird Books

Teddy is going on a peaceful fishing trip to the spot where the river meets the sea. But unfortunately for Teddy, little Cub wants to come too! The trouble with little cubs is that sometimes they just get in the way.

Whether it’s falling over crabs and fishing tins or breaking Teddy’s fishing rod, Cub causes more difficulty than help, and is being – for Teddy at least – quite a nuisance! In this charming picture book, we follow one very annoyed Teddy and one eager-to-please Cub as they go in search of a catch. Cub may be a little annoying, but can Teddy come around to the idea of a fishing companion?

This book perfectly captures the frustrations and ups and downs that occur within sibling relationships, in a way that will be particularly relatable for both older siblings and parents (although it is never stated that Teddy and Cub are siblings). The distinct graphic art style effectively expresses both Teddy’s frustration and Cub’s enthusiasm – it is hard not to root for Cub as he tries to win Teddy’s approval. We especially love the gorgeous earthy colour palette and fish-y theme!

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