Cameron Battle and the Hidden Kingdoms

Publisher: Bloomsbury

The Book of Chidani is a special thing in Cameron Battle’s life: a magical storybook of queens, monsters and gods. His parents read it to him until, one awful day, they vanish.

When Cameron and his two best friends find themselves whirled into Chidani, they discover that this magical kingdom was locked away in the book and carried to America on slavers’ ships by the descendants of their royal family. Cameron learns he must defend Chidani – even if he does not feel ready.

Packed full of action and adventure, this is a book that readers of fantasy aged 9 and above will find wholly engrossing. Cameron and his friends grow into heroes, master the martial art of Dambé, and confront their fears. With echoes of Jumanji, Black Panther and the Narnia series, this would be a great choice for readers who are not yet old enough for Children of Blood and Bone.

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