Cally and Jimmy: Twins in Trouble

Publisher: Andersen Press

Cally and Jimmy are twins but they couldn’t be more different. Cally sits on the ‘top table’ in class and enjoys school. Jimmy has problems sitting still and often gets into trouble.

But one thing Cally and Jimmy agree on is that they don’t like the attention Mum is getting from Grant, the fix-it man, so they hatch a plan to keep them apart. And, while they are sorting out other people’s lives, they make an alarming batch of ‘revenge’ brownies, have the best separate/together birthday party and Jimmy farts in a cow costume!

Cally and Jimmy’s lives reflect a diverse society and one version of the makeup of a contemporary family. Their single mother is Greek British, their Yiayia (grandmother) a Cypriot and their Dad is from Clapham. Also, Jimmy is living with ADHD and, although the stories illustrate how challenging this can be, they clearly show that it can be a source of brilliant ideas and great creativity.

This collection of four short stories is funny, touching, enlightening and ideal for newly confident readers. Black and white illustrations on every page capture the fun and chaos of life in a complex family.

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