Caddy's World

Publisher: Hodder

This prequel to the award-winning Saffy’s Angel is as delightful as the other books in McKay’s Casson family chronicles. The story focuses on 12-year-old Caddy and her best friends: Alison, who hates everyone, Ruby who is clever and Beth who is perfect, as they embark upon the difficult and sometimes confusing business of growing-up. 

The Cassons are as eccentric as ever, but their happy, if unconventional, family is shattered when mother Eve gives birth to baby Rose dangerously early. The children’s father Bill is forced to leave his week day apartment in London and come home to care for Caddy and her siblings Indigo and Saffy. Things are changing in Caddy’s world and she doesn’t like it…

McKay’s book provides a perfect introduction to the wonderful Casson family and, as ever, her perceptive writing has the power to both move and amuse readers in turn.

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