By Royal Command

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Book two in the At the House of the Magician series

Publisher: Bloomsbury

In the court magician's household, Lucy Walden, a young maidservant, has attracted the attention of none other than Her Grace, Queen Elizabeth. When she is asked to spy on a lady-in-waiting who is acting suspiciously, Lucy is honoured to serve her queen, especially as the instruction is communicated by handsome young Tomas, the queen's fool.

Lucy's intuition and natural curiosity also lead her to discover a plot within her own household to kidnap and hold to ransom an heiress, a plot she decides to thwart.

Espionage, conspiracy, magic and romance abound in this gripping story of Elizabethan life. Informative historical detail includes notes on key members of the court as well as the housekeeper's favourite recipes.

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