Butterfly Grave

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Having been separated as young children, Rose and Joshua have recently become close as they try to find out what happened the night their parents disappeared.

When Joshua's uncle has a nasty accident, they are keen to help out, and drive to Newcastle to visit him along with their friend Skeggsie. But Joshua has suspicions not only that the 'accident' was anything but, but also that they are being watched and followed. Although Rose initially dismisses his worries as paranoia, she is forced to think again when a brutal and senseless murder seems to suggest that someone will go to any lengths to stop their search for the real facts.

Not quite as macabre as its billing would suggest, this installment of Anne Cassidy's Murder Notebooks series is a thoughtful and inventive tale of intrigue and deception. A pacy teen thriller about two young people's determination to find the truth.

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