Busy Day: Farmer

Publisher: Ladybird

Busy Day: Farmer follows a farmer over the course of the day and finishes with him tucked up in bed, the sheep dog beside him, trying to get some kip before the cockerel wakes him up and it all starts again…

Part of a series of books, this is an interesting way for young children to learn about different jobs and what people do all day – there are also books about vets and chefs, for example. Farmers are probably a winner for toddlers, though, since most children are fascinated by animals and will love turning the flaps to feed chickens, herd sheep and collect eggs. They can of course also join in with the animals noises, as prompted by the text – ‘Baa! Baa!’.

Described as an "action play book", Busy Day: Farmer has some really fun and inventive touches, such as turning flaps over to “dress” the famer in a cap, overalls and boots – something your toddler might insist on doing again and again!

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