Busy Chinese New Year

Publisher: Campbell Books

You’re never too young to enjoy the festivities of Lunar or Chinese New Year! This simple, interactive board book incorporates the preparations, food, parade (with a dragon!) and fireworks. The toddler reader can be part of it too – push a slider or pull a tab to hang the decorations or make the fireworks explode in the sky. There are questions directed at the reader on each scene – can you find a drum? Or a cat? Which food do you like best? Some require an action, like pushing a slider to find the cat, and others involve a conversation with the adult reading the book, or perhaps simply pointing at the favourite food, or the drum when it’s been spotted. In this way, the book involves the baby or toddler in a way that’s fun, and is easy for the adult too. Plus, the simple rhyme on each page means the words flow. Campbell Books is particularly good at creating books that are fun for babies and adults alike, and this is the perfect example.

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