Burping Bertha

Publisher: Andersen Press

One day, nine-year-old Bertha realises that when she burps, she can move things with a kind of telekinetic force: apples, footballs and awful teacher Mr Fobnitch’s glasses. But what could she do if she practised and refined this incredible talent?

Burping at the Christmas Concert is just the beginning for Bertha’s media career, with the newspapers, record companies and even Hollywood begging for her time. Yet when tragedy strikes, Bertha’s legend lives on in the hearts and minds of other young burpers.

Part of the series of books that includes Bilal’s Brilliant Bee and Fluff the Farting Fish, Burping Bertha is a short early reader novel that will delight 6-7 year olds looking for a fun story and a few giggles along the way.

Former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen tells a zany story imagining what would happen if burps could attain legendary status and, again, writes a story (with brilliantly chaotic illustrations from Tony Ross) that captures a seven year old’s imagination perfectly.

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