Burning Magic

Book 3 in the Shadow Magic series

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

The third book in Joshua Khan’s popular Shadow Magic series, Burning Magic is an action-packed adventure where mythical monsters and breathtaking danger leap from practically every page.

Lily, ‘the witch queen’, along with her friends Thorn and K’leef (and of course Hades, Thorn’s giant, camel-eating bat) are far from Castle Gloom, visiting Nahas in the Sultanate of fire for the coronation of the new Sultan.

But nothing goes to plan, and K’leef’s brother Sa’if loses his life when the crown of molten lava is placed on his head. But how did he lose his magic and allow this to happen? Is someone else responsible for this terrible death?

The friends are swept off on a dangerous quest, twisting and turning through burning desert lands, trying to prevent K’leef’s evil brother Jambiya winning the quest and seizing the throne.

Any fans of Jonathan Stroud’s Bartimaeus and Lockwood & Co series will probably love this book. Although Burning Magic jumps with scary ghosts, killer demons and evil relatives in practically every chapter, there are also wonderful moments of Percy Jackson-style humour, and the underlying theme of forgiveness, not vengeance, wins through. 

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