Bumblebee Grumblebee

Publisher: Gecko Press

What makes a bumble grumble? Or a buffalo fluffalo? This fresh and sweet board book encourages experimentation with words and sounds, just by changing a letter or two.

Built around a very simple but playful premise, this book is great for reading aloud to young ones and getting slightly older toddlers to join in and guess the next word. It's all deliciously silly and sure to earn some belly laughs.

Soft and intricate illustrations from David Elliot put the book's animals in very familiar and sometimes mischievous situations – whether it's using a potty or having a bath or trying to get dressed – and this only adds to the enjoyment.

Short and fun, this is good as both an early introduction to reading as well as creative encouragement for older ones to come up with new words and rhymes of their own.

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