Bugs (First Word Fold-Out Explorers)

Publisher: Andersen Press

If a Featherwing Beetle is small, and a Capricorn Beetle is big, then what’s the biggest beetle? Why, a Titan Beetle, of course! In the world of yellow and black stripy flying bugs, a Hoverfly is the smallest, a Wasp is taller, and a Hornet is the tallest. And, when it comes to worms, an earthworm is pretty thin, a mealworm is fat, and a caterpillar is definitely the fattest!

In this ingenious large fold-out board book, illustrators Loulou and Tummie bring young readers some of their first experiences of size comparisons with big spreads featuring colourful and graphic insects. Children can start to learn how to assess measurements of various kinds, including width, noise, length, height and brightness, by comparing the illustrations.

As well as that – and whilst enjoying the colourful and cute illustrations – children will learn names of specific bugs, from different types of beetles and moths to fireflies, glowworms,   ladybirds, fire ants and many more new vocabulary words. The fold-out element means that there’s a fun playable element to looking at the book together, and there’s plenty to point out and talk about with little ones just getting to grips with books and reading together.

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