Brrr! Where Did the Dinosaurs Really Go?

Publisher: Hachette Children’s Books

The Ice Age is coming, and all the dinosaurs are getting worried about the lowering temperatures. It’s even too cold for the woolly mammoths! So, the dinosaurs decide that they should start knitting some nice cosy jumpers. However, when they try, it turns out that most of the dinos just aren’t suited to knitting… apart from the scary T-Rexes, whose short arms are perfect for the job. Trouble is, everyone is too scared to go and ask them.

Yet, after a hundred days of snow, the T-Rexes relent and offer to knit some jumpers, because even they are freezing cold. In fact, they turn out to be so good at knitting that they end up knitting all the dinos a whole new planet to live on, which, of course, explains once and for all what happened to the dinosaurs when they became extinct.

An utterly fabulous, funny story which is perfect for dinosaur fans, with lots of brilliant giggly moments and opportunities to read along, this is another winner from Kes Gray, the creator of the successful Oi Frog! series. Giggles guaranteed.

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