Bright Bursts of Colour

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Have you ever thought about the funnier side of dogs having human names? About being a fly on the wall when the owner calls, "Walkies David!" or "Get off the sofa Sally!" Or perhaps you've been asking yourself why squirrels steal from bird feeders?

Maybe you're more concerned about the fact that your parents no longer get on? Or with how much you miss your Grandad since he died, or your best friend since they moved away? Maybe you wish you had more confidence to just be yourself or are worried about school assessments or an ageing pet?

Whether you need cheering up, a sympathetic ear or something funnier or more thought-provoking, you’ll find plenty in this poetry collection for every occasion and mood.

Drawing on over 10 years’ experience of teaching in primary schools, Matt Goodfellow explores a vast range of topics, from the impossibility of making a pear taste good to the plight of child soldiers. 

With inspiration for budding poets, either at home or in the classroom, the 60+ poems are complemented by expressive pen and ink illustrations.

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