Brave Little Owl

Publisher: Red Fox

Grandpa Owl is babysitting his four young grand-owls, but he has things on his mind: he must think of a birthday present for Grandma Owl. Why not surprise her by teaching them all to fly, suggest the twins? 'I’m asleep,' says Little Owl firmly. But really, she’s terrified, and as her brothers take to the wing with ease, she plummets to the forest floor….only to land on Badger! 

But in the forest she discovers that Badger - and Squirrel, Mouse and Bunny - have all conquered their own fears.  And when Grandpa swoops to rescue her, she’s brave enough to try again, only to find she loves wheeling through the starry night skies.

Engaging illustrations soften this reassuring story about facing your fears and making new friends.

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