Boys Don't Knit

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Publisher: Hot Key Books

'I'm aware that keeping a diary is considered part of the female domain, but in my life, with the family and friends I'm stuck with, it is the only reason I haven't run away and gone to live in the woods...'

Ben Fletcher is not having a very good time. After a bizarre incident involving a lollipop lady, a bicycle and a stolen bottle of Martini Rosso, our naturally law-abiding young hero has found himself on Probation. Forced to take up a hobby and 'give something back to the community' in order to avoid the Young Offender's unit, Ben embarks on a course at the local community college. Unfortuantely there isn't much choice on offer, so he has to join the knitting group, but at least it's run by his 'hot teacher' Miss Swallow - or so he thinks.

But after an uncertain start, Ben makes an unexpected discovery - he actually loves knitting. Soon he is creating his own complex knitting patterns, and even entering in a prestigious knitting competition. The only problem is he has to keep his new-found enthusiasm secret from his football-loving, Jeremy Clarkson-worshipping Dad, his mates at school, and most importantly of all, the girl of his dreams, Megan Hooper.

Told in diary format, there is a definite hint of Adrian Mole about this witty teen novel: Ben is a brilliantly-concieved character with a strong and distinctive narrative voice. Easton is appealingly honest and direct about the realities of life as a teenage boy, yet this novel also provides a much-needed challenge to conventional gender roles. Fresh and funny,  this is a hugely entertaining comedy that teens will love.

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