Boy Zero Wannabe Hero: The Curse of the Catastrophic Cupcakes

Publisher: Faber Children's Books


The third in the Boy Zero series, this is a short chapter book which continues the story of Charlie Applejack, the world's newest and youngest superhero.

A dastardly plot by the evil General Pandemonium threatens to send all the world's superheroes into space, through eating cupcakes which fill them with gas. This will leave General Pandemonium unchallenged, but Charlie proves cleverer than the adult superheroes and outwits the enemy.

May's illustrations are reminiscent of Hanna Barbera cartoon figures, adding to the humorous take on American superhero characterisation. Millett's text will delight young readers with its comic book events, onomatopoeic word creation, and descriptions of baked bean engendered farting! This is just the kind of novel to engage newly proficient readers.

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