Publisher: Red Fox

Borka is a goose born without feathers, she is different and she doesn't know why. Her five brothers and sisters have white feathers, and her mother and father, Mr and Mrs Plumpster have feathers too. Mrs Plumpster knits Borka a woollen vest, which keeps her warm when the nights are cold but gets too heavy when she swims.

As the nights get colder the other geese leave for warmer climes, flying off into the sunset. Borka cannot fly but she can still have an adventure. With the help of a dog named Fowler, a captain called McAllister and his mate Fred, she sets off to find a new home where all the animals are different and being a goose without feathers is nothing to be ashamed of.

John Burningham's classic picture book is celebrated in this 50th Anniversary edition with a new jacket. The artwork has retained its vibrancy, the colours are rich and the technique is a marvel (the migrating geese are particularly beautiful). While the story is simple its lovely details make it memorable and the illustration should inspire everyone to pick up a paintbrush.

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