BOOT: The Rusty Rescue

Publisher: Hodder

When Gerry’s nose falls off, Boot and his band of renegade robots set off on an essential recon mission to find a replacement. While they had expected a few hairy moments along the way, they were unprepared for the horrors of the Testing Lab.

What they find there is so upsetting, they feel compelled to attempt a dangerous rescue operation which sees them having to outwit a team of very brainy, but ruthless, scientists, and brave the perils of a children’s party, while also discovering that a bouncy castle makes everything better.

This is the second adventure for Boot and his pals, who are smarter than most other robots (and most humans too!). Seeing the weirdness of the human world through the eyes of an artless robot will have you chuckling along, as will the wonderful slapstick humour and comedy mix-ups.

All the robots have defects and/or vulnerabilities but, rather than being seen as something negative, these are what make them unique individuals who also have distinctive strengths. Friendships are built on the acknowledgement and acceptance of differences rather than pressuring someone to conform to a particular way of being.

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