BOOT: Small Robot Big Adventure

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Boot is a toy who wakes up in a junkyard with only two and a half memories. Confused, he sets off to find his owner Beth, but immediately finds himself in danger as Flint, the junkyard keeper, attempts to destroy him. Boot makes a narrow escape but the world is not as he remembers, as robots everywhere appear hypnotised and strange.

Boot meets Noke, who introduces him to a group of underground misfits. Red, the mysterious sage, offers Boot clues about where Beth may be. Boot, Noke and Red set off to get help from Tag, who works at the funfair, but Flint appears looking angry.

The trio escape using drones but need to hurry as Noke’s battery is at 3 per cent. Boot recalls that Beth had a charger, so finding her becomes their only hope.

The heartwarming story of Boot, written from his own perspective, will hook readers from page one. Shane Hegarty has a magic touch with words and has crafted a story that is a true delight to read and will linger long after the book finishes.

It’s a story that's perfect for younger children who are comfortable with chapter books, and older readers who want to enjoy a classic tale of lost toys.

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