Blue John

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Publisher: Barrington Stoke

The Queen of Darkness lives underground in the shadow of the mountain. She forms a son from the two things she loves of the world: the purple ice of a glacier and the yellow gold of the sun. Blue John is the light of her life and she keep him all to herself. When some children find their way into the cave, they experience Blue John's joyful colours, and then John must choose between the dark and the light.

Beautiful illustrations and a mythical feel to this fable-like story will appeal to children who enjoy myths and legends, while the true inspiration for this story - a blue and yellow mineral rock found in Derbyshire, near the author's home - is an interesting writing prompt for young creative writers.

Barrington Stoke's books are designed to help dyslexic readers, and this new Little Gems addition ensures there are accessible books to suit every taste.

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