Blood Red Road

Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books

'They killed my father. They stole my brother. It's anger that keeps me goin.'

Saba's twin brother, Lugh, is snatched by dark-robed violent horsemen. She and sister Emmi set off to find him, across a harsh, post-apocalyptic landscape.
Captured, then sold into slavery as a cage-fighter in the Hopetown Colosseum, Saba learns Lugh is imprisoned by the sinister King in his mountain stronghold, shortly to be sacrificed. Helped by the rebel Free Hawks - and the attractive ambiguous Jack - Saba escapes, determined to free him against impossible odds.

Saba narrates her story in spare, simple dialect, and the cadence of her voice dominates this darkly stunning book: a violent, desperate and compelling story about family, love and determination, which enthrals through its bold, powerful language.

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