Publisher: Walker Books

Blobfish lives alone, deep under the sea. In fact, he’s rather lonely.

One day, when a carrier bag falls into the sea, Blobfish finds it and thinks it’s a new friend. Happily, he dances with the bag as it floats through the water, but when Blobfish gets trapped inside the bag, things start looking a little bleak.

Luckily, on land, there’s a beach clean-up in progress and someone reaches into the water for the bag, freeing Blobfish – just in time to wake up a friendly hermit crab with a bit of a farty party trick.

Olaf Falafel’s books always contain jokes, so it’s no surprise to find a few knock-knock gags here. However, Blobfish has a slightly more serious theme than his previous books, showing readers what can happen when litter gets into the sea. There is a happy ending though, and Blobfish himself is a very cute and lovable lonely hero that readers will be rooting for.

There’s also a lovely clear font in this book, and some pages where the action is displayed in more of a cartoon panel format which adds interest and a sense of action.

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