Bling Blaine

Publisher: Sterling

Nobody loves glitter and shiny bling as much as Blaine. With his sequinned school uniform and glittery bookbag, he’s definitely the most bling kid at his school – just like Sue loves orange, and Alberto loves wearing high-tops. Everywhere he goes, Blaine spreads sparkles; whether it’s jazzing up the posters in the school library or handing out glittery cupcakes on movie night!

But not everyone appreciates Blaine’s bling. Some people think glitter and sparkles are only for girls. Blaine is devastated and stops wearing all his fabulous glittery garb when some of the kids at school call him mean names… but the school isn’t the same without Blaine’s bling. Can his friends help Blaine get his sparkle back?

This gentle, positive picture book about freedom of expression and the importance of friendship has a diverse cast of characters and sumptuously detailed illustrations. The simple story and bright, bold colours make it an ideal book for children starting to read alone, though the backbone of the story – standing up to bullies, challenging gender expectations, and being a good friend and ally – would make for some good talking points when reading together. There’s a page at the end about explaining the concept of an ally, and tips on how to be a good ally and help others express themselves how they like.

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