Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Nate is a keen runner. Not only that, but he's good. He is the best in his club and a future as an athlete seems promising.

Then comes a terrible bike accident. Now in hospital, Nate must come to terms with his lack of mobility. He must learn to use a wheelchair and accept that even after extensive physio his leg will never fully recover. It's not easy trying to face the fact that his running dreams are over. A resentful Nate wallows in his own bitterness, rejecting the kindness of those around him and snubbing his former running friends. Then a combination of a congenial nurse and an extraordinary fellow patient with a heart defect help Nate to accept the alternative path the future holds for him.

Ideal for those with reading difficulties including dyslexia, the book is short and accessible and still packs a real punch. The account is factual, convincing and unsentimental, whilst still managing to engage and move the reader.

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