Black Light Express

Publisher: Oxford

Zen Starling and his humanoid machine girlfriend Nova have boarded a train to another world again. The Network Empire is made up of K-gates that link the plants across the galaxy, but this time they've travelled to a new gate - a new planet under a new sun. They're on the run from the mess they left behind, but the threat of the Guardians catches up with them again...

Philip Reeve is a master world-builder and the nuances of the Network Empire world are executed beautifully in this sequel to the stunning Railhead. However, a helpful glossary in the book will bring any new readers up to speed.

Strong design from Oxford University Press will give this book crossover appeal. Inside, the fantasy is rich and rewarding enough to impress sci-fi fans of all ages. The story zooms along with wit and pace; the precision and beauty of the world Reeve creates feels like it is fuelled by a personal passion for the genre. As usual, the quality of his writing will even charm readers reluctant to get on board with a sci-fi-fantasy book.

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