Black Arts: The Books of Pandemonium

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Elizabethan London is a city teeming with traders, thieves, courtiers, cut-throats... and demons. When young thief Jack the Nipper picks the pocket of a mysterious, red-handed stranger at the Globe Theatre, he inadvertently gets an eyeful of dust. This proves uncomfortable, but also revealing to Jack, who discovers he possesses supernatural powers. He sets out to use his new abilities to revenge himself on the powerful and charismatic Puritan preacher who was responsible for his mother's murder, but his quest soon leads him into peril.

There are hints of Alex Rider and Indiana Jones in the pickpocket hero of this exciting adventure story, but Jack is also a fully rounded character in his own right. Full of dark magic and a powerful sense of history, the first novel in the Pandemonium series is sure to engage young readers.

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