Binny's Diwali

Publisher: Scholastic

It’s Diwali and Binny is getting ready for school in a snazzy new outfit, yet when she’s called on at circle time to talk, she gets tongue tied. Fortunately, Mr Boomer, her teacher, is there to support her. Binny describes the Hindu Festival of Lights, celebrating victory and hope, from the fireworks in the sky to the bright streamers she’s brought in to class to share with the other children. Not just that – Binny has brought sweet jalebis and pedas for everyone - and shows them how to make pictures with coloured chalk powder, too.

This charming picture book celebrating the joy of Diwali depicts a Hindu family and a little girl sharing her culture with her diverse classmates. There’s a moment where the other children start to ridicule Binny, but when she gains confidence, the others are swept along with her enthusiasm and learn about the festival. There’s a nice touch at the end where Binny reminds her class that Diwali is just one of thousands of religious festivals that exist in the world, and that they are all special and wonderful.

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