Binny for Short

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Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

Since her father died, Binny's family have struggled. Moving from one shabby flat to the next, there's not even enough money to spare for her sister Clem to continue with her flute lessons - and worst of all, Binny's wonderful dog, Max, has been disposed of by horrible old Aunt Violet. But events take an unexpected turn when Aunt Violet dies and - to everyone's astonishment - leaves Binny and her family a house by the sea. Their new seaside home brings them new friends, new discoveries and even a dangerous adventure for Binny - but she still can't help longing for her beloved Max...

Hilary McKay is a wonderful storyteller, with an especial gift for writing about family life, bringing the thoughts and feelings of children vividly to life. Responsible older sister Clem, unpredictable little brother James, and Binny's enemy-next-door Gareth are all brilliantly characterised, whilst Binny herself is certain to win readers' hearts. Beautifully-written and enormously engaging, this gentle story about friendship and family in a seaside town will charm readers, right up until its warm-hearted and very satisfying ending.

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