Before & After

Publisher: Phaidon

French artist Jean Jullien showcases his inventive wit in this glossy board book from art publisher Phaidon. Before & After shows exactly that, with each spread showing a 'before' (a couple with protruding tummies) and 'after' (a couple with the still rotund father holding a baby). A cat goes from filthy to sparkling; straight spaghetti becomes a delicious curly dinner. There is even more fun to be had when Jullien plays with the 'before' and 'after' format of the chicken and egg conundrum.

Jullien's illustrations are always a breath of fresh air, with an inviting bold style that is playful and stylish. A brilliant conversation book for even the tiniest toddlers, this book is another example of why Jean Jullien is one of the most exciting illustrators around.

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