Beast Quest: The Dark Cauldron

Master Your Destiny

Publisher: Orchard Books

Enter the fantasy world of Avantia, a land ruled by wizards and magic, where beasts must be fought and quests won.

Packed full of action, in The Dark Cauldron the evil wizard Malvel has stolen a powerful item that he plans to use to destroy the kingdom. It must be recovered at all costs, but Malvel has conjured two terrible beasts to guard it – it's up to you and your friends Tom and Elenna to defeat the beasts and stop Malvel. You have good beasts to help and protect you along the way, but will you reach Malvel in time?

You are the hero in this choose-your-own-path story! At the end of each short section, readers are given two options for where to go next in the story, depending on what action they'd like to take – and there are ten different endings, so the book can be read several times with several different outcomes.

Fun and full of myth and magic, it's brilliant for readers who find it tricky to get engaged with a story, for gaming fans, or anyone who's looking for a different reading experience.

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