Beaky Malone: World's Worst School Trip

(4 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Stripes Publishing

After stepping through a truth-telling machine, former compulsive liar Beaky Malone is unable to utter a single fib. In fact, the truth seems to erupt from him against his will, which lands him in some very tricky situations.

On a school trip to Learning Land, Beaky is horrified to be partnered with Wayne, the school bully. Despite trying to keep a low profile, Beaky blurts out in front of the class that Wayne is petrified of clowns and his last encounter with Clumso, the theme park's mascot, resulted in Wayne wetting himself in terror. The furious bully vows to pulverise Beaky at the earliest opportunity. However, the pair are distracted by Clumso, who appears to be pursuing them with increasing zeal throughout the day.

This is the second fast-paced title in a riotous series for independent young readers, with comical black-and-white illustrations, short chapters and hilarity on every page.

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