Be Kind

Publisher: Macmillan

It’s lunchtime at school and Tanisha has spilt grape juice over her dress. Trying to be kind, the narrator of the book tells Tanisha that purple is her favourite colour, but Tanisha is really embarrassed. The little girl telling the story starts thinking about what the best ways to be kind are: is it listening to her elderly relative’s stories, even when she’s heard them before? Is it sticking up for other kids when they’re being bullied? Perhaps the best way to be kind is by doing little things that build into a culture of kindness that affects everyone.

Miller and Hill’s sweet picture book is full of interest, with plenty of detail for children to take in as they read and consider being kind to others. Hill’s illustrations depict children of a variety of nationalities in school and within the community and are full of warmth and expression. A wonderful picture book that reminds us that being kind is one of the simplest and most profound things we can do.

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