Battle of the Beetles

Publisher: Chicken House

In the third and final book of M G Leonard’s Beetle Boy series, the creepy, evil genius Lucretia Cutter has released her beetle swarms onto food crops around the world, threatening world starvation and all-round disaster. But no one will believe she’s behind the destruction, and instead are blaming Darkus’s dad.

Darkus is upset and angry and wants his dad back. Determined to rescue him and put a stop to Lucretia’s terrible plans, Darkus and his friends embark on a mission to track down Lucretia’s secret lair: a huge biome hidden in the South American jungle. But when it comes to the crunch, will Darkus be able to be the hero everyone seems to be expecting him to be?

From giant beetles big enough to ride on to Franken-beetles, tiny stinging water beetles and revived ancient beetles, this explosive series finale has all the beetle fun of Beetle Boy and Beetle Queen. There’s some great humour from the cringe-worthy Humphrey and Pickering, along with moral dilemmas, a strong environmental theme, buckets of adventure and great friendships.

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