Bathtime for Little Rabbit

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Publisher: Gecko Press

It's Little Rabbit's bathtime, but he's going to need some help to shampoo his ears and get washed and dry. The hairdryer's not working either, so little readers might need to blow Little Rabbit's fur, as well... 

Everything about this book is deliciously simple and sweet – even down to the font, with its gentle swirling print script. The warm illustrations are kept fairly minimal but they're full of expression. Just look at Little Rabbit's face when he gets bubbles all over him!

It's all lightly interactive, too. Each spread encourages the child to join in with the actions and then turn the page to see the results – as if by magic! This is a really nice way to give control back to the child if the bedtime routine is becoming another battle. Since it's all done in such a soothing way, it's sure to lull little ones and hopefully help them to start looking forward to the nightly ritual.

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