Barry Loser is the Best at Football NOT!

Publisher: Farshore

Ever since the World Cup started, everyone in school has been comperleeterly into football – especially Ronaldio Donaldio, the star player in the Smeldovia team, who are the favourites to win.

However, Barry isn't all that bothered until the posh kids from the team up on Avocado Hill challenge the Mogden Maniacs to a match. Barry decides to use the tactics of the Smeldovia football team's coach to drill his friends into a lean, mean football machine, but his efforts aren't all that appreciated – especially when it comes to trying to get the other kids to stop eating sweets.

More joyous and silly Barry Loser humour abounds in this football-themed story, which, as ever, is ably supported by a gang of Barry's LOL-worthy and superkeel friends, family and teachers.

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