Barking for Bagels

Publisher: Andersen Press

Shnipp is a small fun-loving dog with a big appetite. Bored by ball games in the park, she runs away, but gets completely lost. Fortunately, she's befriended by Bessie the Bagel lady, and, surrounded by soft, chewy bagels, she doesn't give her heartbroken owners a second thought.

Weeks later, Schnipp hears her owners outside Bessie's van and decides it's time to find her way home, but when she gets there, a deep voice is growling behind the garden wall… it's a huge new dog, Fotz! Shnipp and Fotz growl at each other for months until both dogs have sore throats, and sensible Shnipp decides you can't growl forever.

A quirky canine adventure from master storyteller Michael Rosen, complemented by Tony Ross's trademark comical illustrations, this is a lovely early chapter book for 6-8 year olds, sure to amuse adults and children alike.

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