Badly Drawn Beth – Happy Bethday!

Publisher: Orchard Books

Best friends Beth and Cordy are sipping strawberry milkshakes and planning Cordy's extra-special, ultra-original zombie-themed birthday party. Beth's brilliant baker Granny agrees to make a giant cake, with a gruesome green head, strawberry jam blood and almond cake brain…perfect!

But the deadline for the brand new school magazine clashes with the party and Beth has promised to get an interview with Bobby Gothick, hunky hero of the Dusk Light movies, as the cover story. If Bobby doesn't phone, super-annoying princess-of-shopping Clarissa will write a piece instead all about herself. So when the phone doesn't ring, and Beth finds herself covered in cake, being chased through the park by terrifying zombies, could anything else go wrong? Oh yes it could…

A laugh-out-loud school story, packed with imaginative escapades and illustrated with eye-poppingly funny pictures.

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