Back to Blackbrick

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Publisher: Orion Children's Books

Cosmo thinks his name is daft – but really, that is the least of his problems. His brother died in an accident and his mother has avoided her grief by leaving to work in Australia. In the meantime, Cosmo has been living with his grandparents, which he loves, especially when he is learning about horses with Granddad. But he is troubled when Grandad develops Alzheimer’s. Although he doesn't want to admit it, Cosmo knows their carefree days together are over.

Then, in a lucid moment, Grandad gives him a key to Blackbrick Abbey and urges him to go there. Once inside the crumbling gates, Cosmo comes face to face with Grandad as a young man. By changing the past, can Cosmo prevent the sadness his family faces in the future?

The characters are well-drawn in this absorbing and thought-provoking timeslip novel. Sarah Moore Fitzgerald tells a moving and original story of love and loss with both humour and understanding. 

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