Baby’s First Stories

Publisher: Templar Books

This charming baby board book is part of a delightful four-book series that introduces reading to the youngest of babies in their first year. Each book has been created for a different stage in baby’s first year of life and with each stage, a new colour is introduced to the illustrations. This first book features four simple animal rhymes alongside high-contrast, black and white illustrations, which have been designed with newborn little ones up to the age of three months in mind.

In gentle, rhythmic text, each story features a different adorable animal. There’s Little Elephant who uses her trunk to sing a special song, Little Panda who climbs a tall tree, Little Whale who plays with other sea animals and Little Bunny who hops her way home in time for bed.

The stories are short enough to be fitted into baby’s daily routine and the soothing rhymes are perfect for caregivers to snuggle up and share with babies during playtime, bedtime or on the go. With an original concept, input from early years experts and endearing graphics, Baby’s First Stories is great for encouraging the early bonding experiences between caregiver and baby that are so beneficial to babies’ early development.

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