Baby, Sleepy Baby

Publisher: Walker

It’s bedtime for a sleepy baby and the whole family takes turns to help the little one drift off. First, Mummy and Big Sister blow gentle bubbles in the bath before grandmother scoops up the bubble-covered baby and adorns the little one with sweet kisses and cuddles.

Back in Mummy’s arms, she rocks baby while singing a sweet tune. Then it’s Daddy’s turn for snuggles and to sing the next verse of the lullaby. One by one, each family member calls on the winds, the clouds, the stars, and the moon to soothe the adorable baby until dreams take over.

In this picture book lullaby, the author perfectly evokes the warmth and tenderness of wrapping a child in night time's embrace. Celebrating the moments families share with their sleepy babies at night, the lyrical and calming text make this a perfect book for bedtime.

With swirling clouds, sparkling stars and moonlit colours throughout, Angela Brooksbank's illustrations exude warmth and tenderness from every page.

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