Avocado Asks

Publisher: Hachette Children's

Avocado is quite happy in the supermarket until he hears a child ask her mother an awkward question: is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable? Suddenly, Avocado really needs to know the answer.

He heads off through the supermarket on a quest to find out what he is, but nobody knows. Luckily, he meets another fruit/vegetable who explains that it doesn't matter a bit if others struggle to fit him into a category - Avocado is amazing whatever he is.

The final pictures remind the reader that many, many objects are not easily categorised – but does it make them less valuable? Not at all.

This clever, funny book carries some punchy, essential messages for those whose identity is complex or mixed. The illustrations are full of humour, which lightens what could be a heavy topic.

This is a great read for carers to share with children and could prompt discussion far beyond the intended reading age. By making the story about an avocado, rather than about gender or race, for example, the story becomes applicable to many situations, and nurseries and schools should therefore find it a good investment for an inclusive library.

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