Animal Crackers

Publisher: Rocket Bird Books

Maisie loves animals, but Mum says she can’t have a pet in their small flat, even though other kids Maisie knows have pets that don’t need to go outside. There’s Orla, whose gerbils live in a cage in her room, and Conrad has house rabbits!

Still, Mum says no. Yet, Maisie finds that a number of the animals that live on the cereal boxes and food tins in her kitchen appear mysteriously and want to be her pet, from a rather naughty monkey to a baby elephant. It’s all fun and games at first, but when the poo situation starts getting out of hand, Maisie realises that one small flat is not enough room for so many resplendently wild animals.

Mum, in the meantime, has thought of a handy compromise, meaning that Maisie can be surrounded by the animals she loves all the time – without the poo.

This charming picture book from Ruby Wright is an absolute delight, with screen printed style visuals mixed with nice, friendly and doodly style illustrations. Wright acknowledges the many small, single parent families that live in small residences, and brings us a book about getting a pet that acknowledges some of the restrictions this can bring, without compromising on fun. Delightful.

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