Angry Cookie

Publisher: Walker Books

Cookie is very angry, and she’d prefer it if you just went away. Even opening the book and letting the light in is unacceptable, quite honestly. Yet, it turns out that Angry Cookie has a bit of a bad day, beginning with her flat mate Barbra the Cactus’ terrible recorder playing, then running out of her favourite toothpaste.

Following that, Cookie got a bad haircut and had to wear a hat – only, the hat didn’t even fit, because no one makes hats for cookies. Grrrr!

Lastly, poor Angry Cookie goes to the ice cream parlour to treat herself to her favourite ice cream with all the sprinkles in a tall glass, but – you’ve guessed it –they’ve run out. Is it any wonder she’s angry?

But perhaps there’s something to be said for friendship, after she’s been a really moany mongoose...

Laura Dockrill’s brilliantly quirky, friendly text is as full of personality as her books for older readers, and little ones will definitely identify with Angry Cookie. It’s a perfect book for talking about emotions, and has a lovely message about sticking around for your friends and loved ones, no matter how moody they are.

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