Angel on the Roof

Publisher: Walker Books

When Lewis Brown finds an angel living on the roof of the house he lives in, he’s understandably thrilled and forms a quick friendship with the luminous being who, it turns out, loves to walk around London with Lewis.

Strangely, as the angel’s stay on the roof lengthens, the people living under it – a couple that argues constantly, a long-suffering hotel receptionist and old Mr Gantry on the top floor – start to feel the effect of its beneficence in their lives. And when Lewis asks the angel to heal his leg, his faith in the angel’s power will be repaid – though, perhaps not in exactly the way he expected.

Shirley Hughes’ atmospheric new story about a deep and wonderful friendship is illustrated with verve and character in blue ink, adding her trademark warmth to a timeless story. There’s a kind of early 20th-century London feel to the illustration too, which may remind readers of other Hughes titles such as Ruby in the Ruins – and appeal to longstanding fans and new readers alike.

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