An Otter Called Pebble

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Friends Jasmine and Tom spot a baby otter alone on the riverbank but are dismayed when she slips into the river and is swept downstream. Racing after her, the children manage to rescue the cub from the freezing water and take her home to Jasmine’s mother, who is a vet.

Naming her Pebble, they keep her warm and hydrated and are overjoyed when she starts to perk up. However, otter experts from the wildlife park explain that the chances of reuniting Pebble with her mother are extremely slim. Not only are otters very shy and difficult to track, there is a high risk of the mother rejecting the cub if they are separated for more than 48 hours. Jasmine and Tom join the desperate search to find Pebble’s home, but time is running out to locate her family.

This heartwarming tale of hope, kindness and determination will delight young independent readers with an interest in wildlife. The short chapters are illustrated with charming black-and-white drawings, and the story contains lots of information about these protected creatures, who once lived in abundance along Britain’s riverbanks.

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