An Odd Dog Christmas

Publisher: HarperCollins

A long sausage dog wrapped in a scarf is going shopping for a gift for her best friend when a chance meeting with a poorly reindeer in a department store changes her plans for Christmas Eve. As Dasher has a nasty cold, Santa asks Odd Dog if she can step in to help pull the sleigh.

Delighted to be able to help, Odd Dog blazes a trail across the night sky with the rest of the reindeer - but helping Santa deliver presents all night means she doesn't have any time to shop for gifts. Thankfully, Santa has some great advice as to what makes the best present of all, meaning that Odd Dog has a lovely Christmas day.

A beautiful Christmassy addition to Rob Biddulph's Odd Dog series, An Odd Dog Christmas features colourful, graphic and mesmerising spreads for little ones to wonder at and a heartwarming story, perfect for reading on Christmas Day or in the weeks before.

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