An Engineer Like Me

Publisher: Hachette Children's

Zara is curious about everything! When a plane flies past her window, she wants to know how it stays in the air – and why her own little paper goes crashing to the ground. From the lift that takes her and Gran downstairs for their walk, to the rollercoaster at the funfair whizzing people upside down, Zara is determined to get to the bottom of how It all works.

Luckily, Gran seems to know a lot about the incredible world of engineering, and as Zara and Gran explore the world around them, Zara learns about the wonder and creativity of the inventions and discoveries all around us – and the brilliant engineers who have changed our lives. But how does Gran know so much?

Written by a mechanical engineer, this lovely hardback book features an adorable, inquisitive heroine on a quest to find out about the world around her. Anyone who has done their best to answer impossible questions such as  ‘how do planes stay in the air?’ or ‘how do escalators work?’ from children will find plenty to love in this book, with its easy-to-understand diagrams, fascinating facts about engineering and physics blended with a sweet story about Zara and her Gran exploring the city, and celebration of women in STEM subjects. There are also pages at the end packed with ideas for children to try out their very own engineering experiments.

A fascinating and empowering book with a subtle message encouraging girls with curious minds to think about studying STEM subjects.

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