Amazing True Stories About Animals Behaving Badly

Publisher: Walker Books

This fascinating book explores the 'naughty' behaviour of a variety of animals, which the author admiringly presents as incredible ingenuity. Particularly impressive is the way in which some species have adapted so effectively to live alongside humans, expertly obtaining food, tools and shelter.

Learn about the Kea, an inquisitive and sometimes destructive parrot from New Zealand, whose mischievous tricks often earn them tasty treats from tourists; the noisy drum fish in Florida, whose underwater communications are so loud that they keep people awake at night; and the gangs of pickpocketing macaque monkeys in India, who are ruthless when it comes to finding food, even chomping through Wi-Fi cables to see if they are edible.

This collection of animal anecdotes is funny, interesting and insightful. Comical black-and-white illustrations bring the true tales to life in this entertaining book for animal-loving independent readers.

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