Amazing Baby: Black and White

Publisher: Templar Books

Stripes and spots, dark and light, waves and dots, black and white! Turn the cut-out pages in this excellent black-and-white baby book and discover spotty frogs, stripy bees and even a sleepy teddy bear on pages filled with black-and-white patterns, dots and stripes.

Board books featuring high-contrast, black-and-white patterns are brilliant for your baby’s developing eyesight, particularly in the first months of life. This book also features a yellow and white twisty wheel at the end with a starry spaceship flying off into space, which presents an interesting repeating pattern for babies to look at and, as they get older, to reach for and want to play with.

The board book pages are nice and thick, meaning that they’ll be nicely resistant to chewing, dribble or being chucked into a bag or pram when you’re on the go, and the reducing size of the circular cut-outs mean that older babies can grip the book easily if they want to.

A perfect first book with an easy rhyme that also means baby can get used to listening to your voice, and start to get used to rhythm, repetition and word sounds.

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